The A to Z of Bridal Fashion

A is for Alterations

Not every bride has the luxury of getting her wedding gown custom made, but even if you’ve purchased your dress off-the-rack you should still consider getting it fitted to your figure. Whether it’s something as small as getting a strap shortened, making sure your gown fits your perfectly will not only have you looking your best, it will also be far more comfortable on the big day.

B is for Ball Gowns

Want to make a grand entrance on your wedding day? If you answered yes, you’ll find it hard to go by a ball gown silhouette. With its fitted waist and dramatic full skirt, this bold silhouette is a go-to for brides looking for a princess bridal style and works in a formal setting.

C is for Corsage

Traditionally worn on the wrist, the classic corsage has made a move and can now be spotted at the waist of wedding gowns, placed on a strap, perched in your hair or even on bridal shoes! Pinning a corsage onto your bridal gown or in your hair is a great way to add a little pop of colour or interesting focal point.

D is for Dry-Cleaning

We know you’re busy searching for your dream earrings and finalising seating arrangements, so dry-cleaning your gown is probably the last thing on your mind, but it pays to be organised about where your gorgeous gown is going post-wedding. Jetting off on your honeymoon the day after your wedding? Ask a close friend or family member to deliver your wedding gown to your chosen dry cleaner as soon as possible, this will ensure any stains can be removed quickly and efficiently.

E is for Embellishments

You might want all-over sparkle to suit your glamorous affair, or a simple flower detail at the hem might be enough embellishment to suit your laid-back style, either way it’s a great idea to wrap your head around some gown lingo before heading in store. Do some research so you can explain to bouquet assistant or designer exactly what you’re looking for.

F is for Figure Flattery

You may have been dreaming of slinky sheath gown since you were in primary school, but unfortunately, what we dream of may not be so perfect for our figures in reality. You may have to let go of what you think is your ‘dream dress’ is in favour of what suits your figure to have you looking your best on the big day.

G is for Grooms Style

Getting your own dress sorted is probably at the top of your bridal style list, but don’t forget about your groom’s wedding day threads too. If you’re opting for a veil, long train and full skirt your groom will need to match your formality with a slick tux, but if you’re rocking a tea-length frock, pretty flats and no veil your groom can take a bit more of a casual approach with his wedding day style. Have a chat early on with your man and sort out a wedding day style plan (without spilling the beans on your dress of course!).

H is for Headbands

If a traditional veil isn’t quite your cup of tea, perhaps a cute veil is a little more your style. Brides have more choice than ever when it comes to their bridal headwear, everything from glam hair combs to retro style hats are acceptable, but our favourite wedding day headwear will always be a feminine headband.

I is for Invisible Tape

Even if your gown doesn’t have a plunging neckline or draped back, having some invisible tape on hand is a wedding day must. This subtle double sided tape will fix any problems from slippery shoulder straps, falling down hems or gaping necklines in a matter of seconds.

J is for Jewelled Shoes

Love a little sparkle? Splash out on some oh-so glamorous kicks to compliment a glamorous bridal style. If you’ve already found your dream shoes but think they need a little something extra try a glam shoe clip for a little bling.

K is for Kids Style

Your flower girls are probably just as excited about your wedding as you are, so take the time to find a princess worthy outfit for them. Have your little flower girls parents help you shop around with them to find a style that works with your wedding day theme.

L is for Lace

When it comes to elegant fabric choices we can’t go past classic lace. This gorgeous fabric has gotten a modern makeover thanks to some clever interpretations by designers over the last couple of years, and has grown in popularity thanks to Princess Catherine’s stunning gown.

M is for Mother of The Bride

She’s held your hand through scraped knees, first boyfriends and of course organising a wedding, so it’s important to take some time out and help mum find a look that will make her feel special on your wedding day. Set aside a day to go shopping with mum (and maybe a sneaky lunch and champagne) and make it all about her, she’ll love the gesture and of course the fashion advice!.

N is for Nude

Brides are getting more and more adventurous when it comes to their wedding gowns with not white wedding dressing growing in popularity. While we of course applaud a bride who opts for a pink, blue or even black wedding dress, we really can’t go past nude for unconventional, and flattering, wedding dress hue.

O is for Open Back Wedding Gown

Show a little skin with a deliciously draped backless gown. Perfect for summertime weddings, this revealing style will show off a toned back and give your gown a stunning focal point.

P is for Personalise

If you want your bridal style to stand out from the rest add a unique accessory like bright shoes, a bold jewelled sash or floral garland in your hair for stylish twist.

Q is for Queen Victoria

White has not always been the colour of choice for brides, only when Queen Victoria wed in 1840 wearing a white gown did it become popular. Later people assumed that the reason white was chosen for wedding gowns was because it symbolised virginity, although it is in fact blue that is connected with purity. Kate Middleton of course followed the tradition of royalty before her when she wed Prince William.

R is for Recycled Wedding Gowns

Clever brides know that pre-loved wedding gowns are not only a budget friendly gown option, but an eco one too! If you’re on the lookout for a fabulous recycled gown you don’t need to search the internet anymore.  We have a selected range of gowns for hire/purchase.

S is for Something Blue

This is one wedding tradition we hope doesn’t go out of style any time soon. Searching for your something blue is not only fun, but allows you to add some colour to your bridal style.

T is for Train

Trains can be as grand as a Monarch style (a whopping 9ft long), as subtle as a sweeping train (the back of the hem is only a few inches longer than the rest of the gown) or your can skip a train all together, it all depends on your taste and wedding style. Can’t decide? Opt for a removable train that you can wear during the ceremony and take off when you want to kick your heels up at the reception.

U is for Underwear

You might not think it’s all that important, but the right underwear can make or break your bridal style. While your wedding day underwear can wait until you’ve decided on your wedding gown, it’s worth investing in good nude strapless bra and seamless briefs for your wedding gown shopping adventures.

V is for Veils

Some brides don’t feel their wedding day look is complete without a delicate soft veil, and really, this is the only time you will ever get to wear one, so why not! Which veil you choose not only depends on your wedding day style, but also your face shape. The boutique you purchase your gown from will have plenty of veils for you to try on so you can find the right one for you.

W is for Waist Details

We love sparkly waist details not only because they add a glam touch to your wedding style, but also because they define a teeny waist or create one on a thicker figure. If your wedding gown doesn’t already have an embellished waist there are plenty of pretty bridal belts on the market for you to accessories with!.

W is for Waist Details

We love sparkly waist details not only because they add a glam touch to your wedding style, but also because they define a teeny waist or create one on a thicker figure. If your wedding gown doesn’t already have an embellished waist there are plenty of pretty bridal belts on the market for you to accessories with!.

X is for X-Rated

We know you want to look your best on your wedding day, and for many this means giving your style a sexy twist with a risqué super deep neckline for thigh-high split, but it’s important to consider how appropriate these details may be, particularly if you are getting married in a church. Consider a cover up for a exposed neckline or over-skirt or a split that you can remove post-ceremony.

Y is for Your Bridesmaids

Most likely, your maids will come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it a little difficult when trying to find a style to fit them all. Opting for a range of different styles in a similar colour or fabric is becoming more and more popular with brides, which is both a very stylish and a practical solution to dressing your maids.

Z is for Zero Tolerance For Negativity

There are a million rules when it comes to your wedding and bridal style, but in the end, you can make up your own rules. Your wedding day is about all the things you love, so if you want to rock a green dress with red and white polka dot shoes you can! Throw away the rule book and enjoy your perfect day, whatever it’s style.

How To Protect Your Wedding Gown On Your Big Day

  • Eliminate any stain causing foods or drinks from areas where the bride and bridesmaids are getting ready and dressed for the wedding. A few drips of coffee can discolor a gown
  • Discuss with your florist whether or not your flowers can stain your bridal dress. There are many things your florist may be able to do, including the arrangement and setting of your bouquet; if the flowers have an area that is likely to stain the bridal dress
  • Transport the bridal dresses in garment bags, especially if you are carrying it on the day of the wedding to another location
  • Use stain-free deodorant and antiperspirant before getting dressed
  • Donning the dress is the last part of your preparations; your make up and hair should be completely done before you put the bridal dress on
  • Be sure to walk with the skirt lifted as necessary to keep the bottom of the dress from scraping the ground prior to the ceremony
  • Beware all stain dangers when climbing into and out of a car and be sure the seats are clean and dry with no oil or other cleaners that you might have to sit in
  • Avoid areas where birds may have defecated during an outdoor wedding
  • Don’t lean on anything or sit on anything, if you can avoid it, until after the ceremony